Building Surveying

Fredericks Hearl & Gray is home to a small but highly professional and experienced team of qualified experts. We work with our clients to make sure that we can deliver exactly what it is that they need. We’re even happy to help them understand what it is they need if they’re not always sure.

We believe in and promote a transparent and jargon-free negotiating process, where all parties know where they stand at any one time during the procedure.

Building Surveying

We offer a full range of Building Surveying services to ensure that your project runs smoothly, from a multi-million commercial development to a young family extending their home to meet the needs of their growing family.

Full Building Survey

The Fredericks Hearl & Gray Full Building Survey provides a highly-detailed examination of the structure and condition of the property in question. We leave no stone unturned as we look to find and describe all and any visible defects while also considering the problems that may be being caused by possible hidden defects.

The Fredericks Hearl & Gray Full Building Survey is suitable for any type of building but it is particularly suited to listed buildings as it can highlight the types of issues which can arise with old – but beautiful – buildings.

Home Condition Report

A Fredericks Hearl & Gray Home Condition Report provides the essential information that you may need when you are deciding to purchase a property.

Property purchase is often one of the biggest financial decisions that we undertake in our lifetime, so making sure that you can buy with confidence can really make a difference to your home buying experience.

Our Home Condition report gives you concise and detailed information that will help you to make an informed decision on your property investment.

Party Wall Services

At Fredericks Hearl and Gray, we understand that development must be undertaken in a way that is both mindful of and appropriate to those who live around us. This approach is as important when your neighbour is undertaking work as it is when you are developing your property.

Our Party Wall Services will guide you through the Party Wall process, ensuring that you totally understand every step of the process, and the options that are available. Our clear, concise and jargon-free advice works on both side of the fence – whether you’re carrying out building work or are living adjacent to someone who is carrying out work.

We will deal with the service of appropriate notices and stay with you throughout the process to the outcome of the satisfactory completion of the work.

Management of Building Works

Managing a building project can be a full-time job – but you’ll know that already. If you need to move from project to project quickly or would like to benefit from the experience and industry knowledge that we can bring to the project, Fredericks Hearl & Gray can undertake full management of building works.

We will work with you and for you to make sure that the project progresses from stage to stage as it should – from design, through written specifications to contract advice.

Planned Maintenance Surveys

We work across both residential and commercial sectors, but it does tend to be the larger buildings and estates that benefit the most from the ability to undertake proper and effective financial planning accordingly.

Our Planned Maintenance Surveys mean that you can rely on keeping pace with a comprehensive schedule of works. Not only will you be in a position to understand the upcoming costs at any given time, but that you can properly forecast according to timescales.