Quantity Surveying

At Fredericks Hearl and Gray, we work with projects of all scopes and sizes and manage costs with a measured eye on the budget bottom line. From initial calculations to the final cost figure, Fredericks Hearl & Gray are dedicated to providing our clients with optimal value for money, looking for every opportunity to make the most of your budget.


Quantity Surveying

Understanding the difference between cutting costs and cutting corners, we are committed to ensuring that our clients achieve the best value and solutions to suit their requirements. We assist clients in choosing the most appropriate procurement route and provide cost advice at every stage of the construction process from early inception to completion and handover.

Charles Lewis MRICS has over 30 years’ experience working as a Quantity Surveyor and is the head QS at Fredericks Hearl and Gray.

More about Quantity Surveying services

Budget Estimates and Cost Plans

Cost information evolves through the life of the project, developing in detail and accuracy as more information becomes available about the design, and as actual costs become known through the tender process and stage completion.

Bills of Quantities and Work Schedules

A bill of quantities is a document that provides firm project specific quantities of the items identified in the drawings and specification. A bill of quantities is usually only prepared on larger jobs. On smaller projects or for alteration work the contractor can be expected to measure their own quantities from the tender documents. Schedules of work are ‘without quantities’ instructional lists that allow the contractor to identify significant work and materials that will be needed to complete the works and to calculate the quantities that will be required.

Tender Evaluation

An important part of the tendering process is establishing the evaluation criteria against which prospective contractors and submitted tenders will be assessed. The evaluation criteria should focus on the client’s needs, priorities and definition of value.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a term used for identifying and eliminating unwanted costs while enhancing the outcome of a project. In construction this involves considering the availability of materials, construction methods, transportation issues, site limitations or restrictions, planning and organisation and costs etc.

Cost Reporting

Up to date cost information is supplied to the client throughout the life of a project. This includes cashflow forecast vs actual spend, contingency spend and cost of variations.

Interim Valuations

Interim valuations and certificates provide a mechanism for the client to make payments to the contractor before the works are complete. The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act, states that a party to a construction contract in excess of 45 days is entitled to interim or stage payments.

Final Accounts

The preparation of the final account is the process of calculating and agreeing any adjustments to the contract sum (the amount originally set out in the contract to be paid to the contractor for completion of the works) so that the amount of the final payment can be determined

Reinstatement Cost Assessment

A reinstatement cost assessment establishes the cost of construction of a building in the event of it being destroyed. It is used for establishing the amount of buildings insurance cover that is required to cover all costs associated with the re-build including demolition, professional fees and VAT where applicable.

Employers Agent

The term ’employer’s agent’ is used to describe an agent acting on behalf of the client as the contract administrator for design and build contracts. The employer’s agent may also carry out other tasks on the client’s behalf, such as co- ordinating the tender process, collating contract documents for execution and implementing change control procedures.

Project Monitoring

A project monitor acts as an investigator and advisor to the client, responsible for protecting their interests in the development as it proceeds. We represent several lending institutions in this capacity.